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From age 3, Ramona was trained as a Concert Harpist. Ramona specialises in weddings, teaching, music therapy and concert performances.
  • Concert & Celtic Harpist

    Harpist Ramona Sakalauskaite was born in St Petersburg Russia, the City of the great Russian Composers, and started to play the harp from age 3. From age 7 Ramona attended the St. Petersburg School of Music full time for eleven years, including 3 years personal tuition by Russia’s greatest harpist Tatiana Tauer.

    From age 18 Ramona attended St.Petersburg Conservatory full time for five years - including 5 years personal tuition by the late Tatiana Tauer - graduating in 1992 with a Masters Degree in Music & Teaching. Ramona performed with the Lithuanian Symphony Orchestra Vilnius for three years, with the Mariinsky Theatre St. Petersburg for one year and with the Mussorsky-Michaelovsky Theatre, St. Petersburg for fifteen years, all as Concert Harpist, with over 4,200 Opera and Ballet performances, and Solo performances in regular Symphony and Chamber Concerts.

    Now living in Ireland Ramona is available for booking for Performances, Weddings, Functions, Teaching and Music Therapy.

Wedding & Concert Harpist

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Ramona Harpist Ireland
"Ramona creates an extraordinary 'sound' touching the listener with a unique experience as if a number of instruments were playing"
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