Music Therapy

  • Ramona is a specialist in Concert Harp Music Therapy, with over 20 years experience in providing music Therapy sessions in hospitals and schools.

    The benefits of Concert-Classical music when played live by the Concert Harp are now scientifically proven to:

    • release emotional pain,
    • improve memory and attention span,
    • increase social interaction,
    • build self-esteem, self-confidence,
    • transform stress into more peace, ease and clarity,
    • rebalance mind, body and emotions,
    • and calm the listener, improve sleep and mood.

    Ramona plays in Sligo Hospice weekly since 2012 where all the staff report many patient benefits, in Summerville Nursing Home Strandhill for Harp therapy sessions, also in Nazareth House and St John's Hospital Sligo, improving quality of life for adults and children through the therapeutic benefits and joy of live Harp music.

Ramona Harpist Ireland
"Ramona creates an extraordinary 'sound' touching the listener with a unique experience as if a number of instruments were playing"
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