• Ramona graduated with a Master’s Degree in Music and Teaching from the St. Petersburg Conservatory in 1992 and has over 25 years experience in teaching both adults and children, one to one or in groups.

    In St.Petersburg Ramona taught introduction to Classical Music and taught privately and in small groups. Since 2014 in Ireland Ramona has enjoyed teaching weekly for Music Generation Sligo in the Ceolaras Coleman Gurteen and also enjoyed teaching for Music Generation Sligo Summer Camps, Music Generation Laois, Tionol Harp Gathering and also teaching privately.

    No previous experience is necessary, just an enthusiasm to learn, leading to a love of the Harp, while Ramona’s teaching methods enable students to play whether for enjoyment or to take their talents to professional career level.

    Ramona also adopts the Suzuki Principles enabling

    "Children who hear fine music from an early age to develop sensitivity, discipline and endurance to achieve a beautiful heart."

    Over the last seven years Ramona has grown to love Irish music and especially the music of the great O’Carolan who’s genius resonates through the universal themes of life, of love, and of loss with the other great European and Russian Composers.

    Ramona loves all things Irish, set dances weekly, has started to attend Comhra, and to learn Irish.

Tionol Music Generation, Portlaoise

Tionol Music Generation, Portlaoise
Ramona Harpist Ireland
"Ramona creates an extraordinary 'sound' touching the listener with a unique experience as if a number of instruments were playing"
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